Thank you for visiting. Monica Brandies has written eleven garden books, eight completely and three with three different co-authors, and one family book. She has been gardening all her life, publishing since 1961.

Her articles appeared weekly in Iowa newspapers and then in Tampa Tribune and the Tampa Bay Time(Florida) and were often seen in magazines such as Florida Gardening.

Monica Brandies has been gardening since she was a child. In college she studied horticulture and landscape design since she figured she wouldn't always have a farm. She went to the Pennsylvania School of Horticulture for Women, which became part of Temple University from which came her degree.

Monica has spoken to church groups, plant societies, garden clubs, and other groups in five states with talks that combine inspiration, entertainment, and information. She sold and signed books at speaking engagements as well as at her annual open garden, where once or twice a year she invited people to come and take a walk through her garden. In November 2017, she hosted her final open garden.

At her family’s request she is retiring. So she can have more time to enjoy her church, her family, her garden, her husband and her children, grands, greats, and friends. If you are interested in purchasing any of her books or contacting her you can reach her at