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Monica Brandies
1508 Burning Tree Lane
Brandon, FL    33510


Books by Monica Moran Brandies

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Citrus is the ultimate herb.  Not only are the trees decorative, fragrant, and productive, but the fruit is delicious, low in calories, fat free, with many healthful and medicinal properties.  Whether you buy it an eat it in colder states or grow it and juice it in warmer climes, there are also many uses for the peels for cooking, household cleaning, personal care, and garden help.  Recipes are also included. Don’t throw them away! 71 pages, many color photos.  ISBN 978-1-893443-18-1 



FLORIDA GARDENING: THE NEWCOMER'S SURVIVAL MANUAL, Second Edition, BY MONICA MORAN BRANDIES. Laugh off the garden perils and grow a wonderful new landscape in Florida! Every day, newcomers arrive in Florida from northern areas and are stumped by the sandbox-type soil, upside-down garden year, strange looking lawn grass, and muggy, buggy climate. But they see neighbors with lush Florida lawns and colorful plantings and fruit-bearing trees. How do these successful gardens happen? Help is here in the user-friendly book that has told thousands of Florida gardener wanna-be's how to make a great Florida lawn and garden. The second edition of this favorite book has just been released The length has jumped to 136 pages (the previous edition had 88) and there are many new illustrations and information. ISBN 1893443094



LANDSCAPING WITH TROPICAL PLANTS. How to use tropicals and topical look-alikes to create a lush and fascinating landscape in Florida or anywhere. Gardeners in northern states have long been growing tropicals as houseplants and as annuals. Now they are learning to use the fabulous flowers and flamboyant foliages to create unique and striking focal points in their northern gardens during the summers and to keep some of these plants over the winters as houseplants, in dormant storage, even in the ground. Bananas and palms aren't just for the tropics anymore. They have long since been at home in the subtropical regions of Florida and are now being grown in all of the states with the possible exception of Alaska. This is an ideal book for people new to Florida because it has color photos and descriptions of a great many of the plants people see or grow here. It is also a great and quick resource to hand to visitors who want to know the names of all the unusual and exotic plants they see. What a wonder when they learn they can go home with plants and cuttings and for a garden that will stop traffic and start a trend. 128 pages, all with color photos. Sunset Books. ISBN 0-376-03457-2



SHADE GARDENING FOR FLORIDA. Every other book on shade gardening is geared for the northern states and filled largely with growing methods that don't apply to Florida and shade loving plants that don't grow here. This one tells you the great advantages of gardening in the shade, what and how to grow in the shade in Florida, how quick and easy it is to get shade here, how to manage the shade level and care for the canopy, the different kinds of shade, and what to do if you get too much. The encyclopedia section describes 178 different kinds of plants that will thrive in varying amounts of shade in Florida. Since these entries include such broad categories as begonias, bromeliads, camellias, ferns, and orchids, the possibilities of beautiful plants and beautiful settings in a shade garden are endless. 144 pages, 16 of color photos. ISBN 0-8200-0421-9



BLESS YOU FOR THE GIFTS. This book is my favorite one to sell. It makes an ideal gift for anyone, not just gardeners, for it is a book of stories, connected by the characters of my life and family. I tell people to buy it for a gift and then read it carefully before they give it. There are some farm and garden stories included, but basically it is my one step off of the compost pile. God wraps His gifts to us in the most amazing and often amusing packages. Many of them come through people we meet every day, blessings given by "The People Who Care". We too often fail to recognize the gifts and the gift bearers at the time, but when we look back we see some wonderful benefits we almost missed and wonder how many we did miss. Some gifts lie dormant, like "Seeing Grandma Naked", for decades before they become important. Others like "Hence and the Haymow" take on new meanings over the years. "Cow Tails" will make you laugh. We laugh about some of them now but they were true crises at the time. "Hit by a Train" tells of the first time we almost lost our firstborn son and the miracles that followed. Two of these stories were requested for the Chicken Soup of the Soul books. 196 pages. Mackey Books ISBN 9616338-7-5



XERISCAPING FOR FLORIDA HOMES. You can have a lush landscape, grow any kind of plants you want, with less worry, work-and water. This award winning book on waterwise gardening is filled with practical ideas for both dedicated gardeners and homeowners who want minimum maintenance and maximum production of flowers and fruits or simple beauty. This may be my most important book because today so many people are using and abusing the supply of water that we should be conserving for our grandchildren and future generations. Gardeners and homeowners can be on the front line of changing the attitudes of the public by demonstrating that a beautiful garden can save rather than waste water and many other resources--including sanity. Just looking through the book will encourage you because most gardeners are already doing many things right. In no time you will be part of the water solution instead of part of the problem. One Florida city bought this one in bulk and sold it at a discount to the water customers. 8 x 11 inches, illustrated, indexed. Original charts. 181 pages. Great Outdoors Publishing ISBN 0-8200-0411-1



CUTTING GARDEN FOR FLORIDA, Third Edition, by Betty Mackey and Monica Brandies. I grew up with my beloved Aunt Joan always growing flowers and making bouquets for almost every room of the house. I think most of us have an instinctive desire to bring flowers indoors unless it has been squelched out of us in our youth. Most flowers last just about as long indoors as out, and sometimes longer when the sun and wind are harsh. This book has information on annuals, biennials, perennials, shrubs, trees, and bulbs, including plant-by-plant conditioning information. 144 pages, paperbound, indexed, resource list, public garden directory. ISBN 0961633891



Yankee Magazine's PANTY HOSE, HOT PEPPERS, TEA BAGS, AND MORE FOR THE GARDEN. A Rodale Organic Gardening Book. 1001 Ingenious Ways to use Common Household Items to control Weeds, beat Pests, Cook Compost, Solve Problems, Make Tricky Jobs Easy, and Save Time. Monica Brandies is one of nine of the nation’s most frugal, inventive, and recycling garden writers who worked together under editor Veronica Lorson Fowler to produce this unique, fascinating, money-and-plant-saving book. While gardening has always been fun, productive, and inexpensive, this books carries all of those ideas to new dimensions. Some of her contributions include directions on solarizing the soil using dry-cleaning bags or a clear plastic drop cloth or old shower curtain to harness the power of the sun; using old Styrofoam coolers, wooden boxes, or drawers stacked four or five tall at angles to make a vertical garden; turning an old colander into a hanging basket; reusing a coffee can to check a lawn for chinch bugs, and how to use wood ashes in the garden. 2005, 316 pages.



PLEASE NOTE: All books ordered from the website will be personally signed by Monica Brandies.
We accept payments through PayPal to insure security of your online transactions.
An optional shipping field is supplied for books sent as gifts.
We ship only via United States Post Office Priority Mail service.
We do NOT charge a handling fee.
Shipments should arrive within 2-3 days of payment.