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Featured Plants 2010


Easy to grow and root easily from cuttings. Usually they need some shade, but they will take full sun in winter up until about March. I have finally learned to prune them back when they get leggy and start new containers. These I can move with the season. Take cuttings and cover or bring in the ones in the open when frost threatens.

Sensitive plant, Mimosa strigillosa
A native ground cover that David Beck is training over his front yard. The pink puffballs bloom much of the year and the delicate foliage spreads well with a bit of mulch added on top occasionally. It needs sun. Children love to touch the leaves and see them close up.

Pepino melon
Along side Paul Sarsfield's garden are containers of Pepino melons, a tomato relative he has not tried before. He grew them from seed. They are hardy in Zones 9 to 11, need full sun to partial shade and have fruits 2 to 5 inches in diameter with a banana/ melon taste.