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Come Before Noon to My Open Garden

The cassia by the door is already starting to bloom. The one by the road should follow.

On Saturdays, Nov 7 and 14, my garden will be open to the public from 10 am until 1 pm (because my free help eats and leaves at 1:00 and also because I tend to collapse soon after). The notice in the Brandon Digest that said 10 pm was a typo that could cause great frustration.

"If people come after one," says my husband, you'll have to explain why I don't live here anymore." So please come early. After 51 years, I'd sure miss him.

The article also said that I "owned several farms" and don't I wish. It really refers to our 2.3 acres in Ohio and then 4.5 acres when we moved to Iowa. We never got a chance to be real farmers but we were happy peasants. We still are, though we no longer have cows, pigs, or poultry.

The Open Garden is very casual so dress accordingly and wear walking shoes. People just come and wander around and several of my children and sometimes friends are around to answer questions. This year grandsons Mike and David will also be pointing out the high spots of the garden.

There will be books and some plants and pommelo fruits for sale. Mint and lemon grass tea and pommelo to taste will be free by the front door and there will be some cuttings free. You don't need to bring snippers, but maybe a bucket.

So come either or both days and bring a carload or a busload. But please come before noon and stay till 1.

Directions to the Garden Open House
From south Brandon, go to Lakewood and Highway 60 and turn north on Lakewood to Windhorst Road, the second light. Turn west or left and go to the second right hand turn onto Estatewood Drive. This becomes Burning Tree Lane without any turns at the next block and we are on the left on the curve at 1508. There will be signs. Call 813- 654-1969 if you get lost or need further details.
From elsewhere, go off I4 at exit 10, go south on 579 to MLK Blvd (to the Race Trac just past WalMart) and turn right. Go to Lakewood and turn left. Cross the railroad and go about half a mile. Watch for signs at either Woodhaven or Windhorst, turn right, and follow the signs. Everyone is invited.


Above Left: There should be a few butterfly gingers still blooming with great fragrance.

Below Left: Turnera alata will be blooming on both sides of the driveway, free cutting available.

Below: The pommelo is still going strong.